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With the exception
of my beautiful photo and a few others, smaller than mine, this is a graphics-free site, nothing fancy here. No dancing. There’s enough of all that on the web. Don't you think? Ridiculousness, cats, dogs, red, green, blue, pretty pictures, noise. This is just an archive site for my writing. With a picture of me and a few smaller images. Not emoticons! Who did that to us?

Some of the pieces here have been published; some haven’t. Each piece on this site gets a link below. The links won't dance, but they do change color when you click on them. I couldn't do anything about that. No matter, they are simple links that take you to pages where you will find a block of naked text—a tiny ironic image or blurry photo here and there, but that's it.

After reading a piece, please return here (Home) and click on the link for another piece if you're of a mind. There is a Home link at the top and bottom of each page of writing.

Just one more thing. I have carefully checked these pieces for extra baggage, and if any was found I have sent it packing. But some of these pieces are longer than the internet optimum of three-to-five-hundred words or whatever it is. I hope that you understand. I can't do anything about long pieces. The Creator sometimes has a difficult time controlling his creations. Thank you.






Remembering A Friend: Ray Manzarek of The Doors



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